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Two amazing drawings of Facilier from Disney’s Princess and the Frog by animator/director Bruce Smith!!! Thank you for your generosity!

*for Silent Art Auction held August 22 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm @Animation Guild in Burbank, CA*


Aladdin by Glen Keane

"Some thumbnails of max sniffing and becoming excited."

-Russ Edmonds

"I found these thumbnails of Philipe from Beauty and the Beast.He was backing up in a panic.These sketches were my first thoughts. I was figuring out rhythms and change of shape."

-Russ Edmonds



Paperman Art and Concept from DisneyAnimation

asdfghjkl!!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAH! This short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(via virtualanimators)

Character Design from Pocahontas by Glen Keane

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To sort of celebrate Cinco de Mayo, here’s a bunch of drawings from The Three Caballeros! Down there is animator Ward Kimball, who animated the film’s title song sequence.

Drawings by animators Fred Moore and Ward Kimball.

- Taylor


"I did a soup sequence for Snow White, it was very fun and everybody laughed and so did Walt. She [Snow White] calls them in and she serves soup to them. All the funny ways that they slurp the soup, especially Dopey. Then Walt called me up to his office and he says, "I’ve been looking at the film and I’m going to have to take out the soup sequence", and I spent 8 months on it. He gave me a reason why, he said I’ve got to get back to the witch and… it kinda hurt."

- Ward Kimball, Animator


Rough model sheet I did before it was given to the animators~